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We prepare a number of publications and articles covering a broad range of topics as well as specific areas of law. Here are some of the books that we already published

1- Cover Methodology Book

Fadi NAMMOUR, Methodology study (legal and political sciences), How to write a thesis and a dissertation, 2016, 263 pages (arabic).

2- Couverture Livre Arbitrage

Fadi NAMMOUR, Domestic and international arbitration, comparative law, 4th ed. Bruylant – Delta – LGDJ 2014, 656 pages (french).

3- Couverture Livre Bancaire

Fadi NAMMOUR, Banking regulations and operations, 2nd ed. 2012, 377 pages (french).

4- Couverture Livre droit des obligations

Fadi NAMMOUR, R. CABRILLAC, Séverine CABRILLAC and Hervé LECUYER, Law of contract (French and Lebanese laws), Bruylant-Delta-LGDJ 2006, 618 pages (french).

5- غلاف محكمة الجنايات

Elias Nammour, Criminal code, Sader ed. 2005, Two volumes, 1800 pages (arabic).

5- غلاف كتاب الحريات الشخصيَّة

Elias NAMMOUR and Fadi NAMMOUR, Individual liberties and human rights in the light of criminology and penal procedure, Sader ed. 2000, Two volumes, 1272 pages (arabic).

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